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Diploma in Civil Softwares

CAD, Revit Arch and 3D max are some of the softwares useful for civil engineers. AUTOCAD is one of the importantsoftwares which isuseful for drafting, documenting projects. It can work across integrated mobile solutions, desktops and cloud. Revit software is useful for Building Information Modeling.

Diploma in MEP Softwares

Are you searching to know more about CAD and Revit MEP and its relevance in the construction industry? CAD and Revit MEP are software tools provided by Autodesk. These MEP softwares are useful for designers as well as drafters to design, draft, and also document building systems.

Electrical Systems in Construction Projects

Electrical systems are groups of electrical components which are connected to perform some operation. We can easily design this system. Designing these electrical systems is very useful in construction projects. So that its scope has been increased and a lot of job opportunities are in this field.

Fire Protection System & Design in MEP

Fire fighting system deals with engineering fundamentals for fire protection, fire extinguishing, water supply for fire protection, alarm system to provide fire alert and storage of hazardous materials & it will be one of the most important building services.

Master Diploma in Electrical Engineering in MEP

Electrical Engineering is one of the branches of engineering science and it deals with the electrical design, construction and also practical use of various electrical systems. Master Diploma in electrical engineering in MEP will be an apt course for all those who are looking for a short duration job oriented course.

Professional Training in Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based control system which is installed in buildings to control and monitor the building's security systems, fire systems, ventilation, power systems, and lighting. BMS is also known as Building automation system (BAS).

MEP Trainers amazing story

We provide an advanced course on Low Current and ELV system which covers even the minute point about these systems. Since we are one of the top leading MEP training Centers in Kerala with well-experienced engineers, who were worked with top EPC companies in the Middle East and a good placement cell, we assure the most effective training section.
If you are a job aspirant, then learning Low Current and ELV system will be useful to you and it will be a plus point to you to get better jobs. Nowadays many MEP training centers are providing this course but only a few of them is offering better training with a vast syllabus. Other centers are providing only the basic concepts. So you must wisely select the best one.<

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